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I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day! I pray that wherever you are and whatever you are doing that you are at peace and experiencing extreme gratitude.


I am about to step outside to do my 5 Tibetan Yoga Postures, but first I wanted to send out a quick update on what has been helpful in my own personal life for really maximizing my time.
Today is Sunday, the day that really gives us an opportunity to decide and plan what we’d like our upcoming week to look like, I suggest planning your days by the top 3 things you’d like to accomplish. I know it’s tempting to go into the never ending list of things that need to be done, but breaking it down into bite sized steps tends to encourage more execution. As you plan out your week, be sure to intentionally plan rest times/days.  I personally utilize a planner that I really love. If you’re interested in what I use, I’ll include a link at the end of this article.
Most of us have been indoctrinated with the philosophy that more is better than less, and doing is better than being still. While there is some validity to those statements, they are very relative. I find that historically when I was “resting” I feel a looming pressure that I should be “doing” and when I was “doing”, I’d really rather be resting.
One of the ways which we can begin to quell that underlying sense of pressure is to be fully present in whatever it is we’re doing. If you’re relaxing and resting, be present in doing just that! If you’re addressing some tasks/projects, be fully present doing that as well. I have begun to realize that social media and my phone in general can serve as a very big distraction to me, if I let it. I must be intentional about what my days look like and that includes blocking out times of uninterrupted focus on my activities.
I find that when I can fully be present and engaged while I am completing tasks, it sets me up to be able to fully rest when I have made that my intention also. I know that we are all very busy and have busy lives, but I am suggesting that if we schedule and allow more rest/meditative activities, we may just open ourselves up to divine guidance about how we can better utilize our time more efficiently. For example… I get a lot of questions about Yoni Steaming. The other day I received a question about blends and which is appropriate for what. I could have reacted and immediately responded to the email, however I received the thought “what if I just make a video so this information can be available to the world on my youtube channel”? I have begun to ask myself the question “How can I best serve the most people” in whatever it is that I am doing and the way that I am showing up in the world. I invite you to include this question into your mental conversations as well and see where you could be creative about how you’re best serving the world.
Any who, enjoy this day and remember to really rest in being able to have some down time (if you do). And if today is busy for you, remember to block out some space just for you, Right before be and first thing when you wake up are the ideal times to really prep and prime yourself to have more intentional and peaceful waking hours.
If you’re interested in the Blends video I created, please check it out here:
If you’re interested in the planner I use, please check it out here:
With so much love,
The Honey Pot

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