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" Let me say that Megan is absolutely awesome. I came to her after I'd had a bit of a breakdown and I just needed to release. Not only was the steam really relaxing. But she's so personable and easy to talk to. By the time it was all said and done, I felt a bit lighter and had a few new tricks to help me in continuing my journey in life. Megan you are a Godsend and I appreciate you! I'll definitely be back. Oh and the tea is amazing! I bought a full pack before I left and I drink it almost daily. Take my advice, GO! You are worth it! " - Sheneka Surles

I went to the doctor last week to check to see if I could start back with the fertility treatment. He said I don't think the cyst is gone but we can check. Well low and behold, there were no signs of the ovarian cyst! He also said my "Yoni" looked healthy and calm! I truly believe steaming helped my body rid itself of that cyst quicker than if my body had to do it alone. In the words of Miss Megan "YES GOD!!"

Yesterday I had made an appointment to Yes God Wellness. Now this is my first time ever getting vaginal steaming and to be quite honest it was definitely worth the drive. It was very relaxing and I was educated on what steaming was and what it can do to the body. Megan was so helpful and she's so sweet honestly it was such an honor to meet her and to be able to talk to her. Thank you so much Megan for the amazing experience and I'm definitely going to continue on steaming.

My first steam was in May. When I first arrived at Yes God Wellness the atmosphere felt pleasant. I had the opportunity to meet with amazing women who were either steaming for the first time, or had steamed before. I was a bit nervous at first, but Megan is such an amazing person, that feeling went away fast. There is something beautiful and spiritual about taking care of your womb. I'm glad I found Yes God Wellness. I plan on steaming more frequently. Honey Pot Baby Coming Soon! Please, ladies take care of yourselves. Visit The Honey Pot, relax and release!

Very positive and awesome customer service. My questions were answered in a detailed manner ( that tells me she knows what she is talking about) and my order was shipped in a Timely manner and I love šŸ’• the way I feel after my first steam. Itā€™s all about the vibe.

Megan provided excellent care and information about steaming. This is something I never thought I would participate in, but she made me feel very comfortable and at ease during it. Thanks so much for introducing me to this Megan!

My experience with this company was professional and extremely timely. The customer service was excellent. Megan takes time to listen to your specific needs, and caters to them. She is a compassionate and motivating individual. I ordered products from her online and I am very satisfied with the outcome. I will be ordering again soon. Great service!


This beautiful practice in an ancient ritual commonly known as Vaginal Steaming. We combine the power of awareness and intention with the ago-old ritual of plant based womb healing.

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Fertility Breakthrough Session + Fertility Herbal Steam/Bath Blend - Honey Pot Method
Fertility Breakthrough Session + Fertility Herbal Steam/Bath Blend - Honey Pot Method

Fertility Breakthrough Session + Fertility Herbal Steam/Bath Blend

Throughout my years in working with women, it has become clear that fertility issues are not only physical. Like most desires that haven't yet been fulfilled, there is usually an emotional root. Fears can block us from receiving in MANY different ways. I have had the great privilege and honor of working with women to break through their subconsciously programmed fears around conception. Our past is not our present. We can create whatever reality we want for ourselves.Ā 



  • (1) Hour Audio Session With Megan
  • Great for approachingĀ deep rooted energetic blocks concerning fertility
  • Coaching tailored to your current mental, emotional and spiritual disposition
  • Recording of session available after completion
  • Additional follow up & accountability communications
  • Available 1-3 days after booking