Meet Megan

megan macpherson

Megan Macpherson
Holistic Health Practitioner, Wellness Advocate, Personal Development Coach, Motivational Speaker, Educator & Entrepreneur

Megan is passionate about inspiring, educating and empowering people to express their highest potential. She employs a mindful, natural and intentional approach to reproductive and holistic health.  She is especially passionate about womb health, mindful parenting and personal empowerment.  

Megan founded Yes God Wellness after life presented the opportunity for her to choose where her creative energy was best invested.  She is passionate about providing a safe and healing space for transformation through a host of services and products, included but not limited to; Emotional Healing through Vaginal Steaming, Plant Based Hygiene, Personal Development and Wellness Workshops. 

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, then later relocating to North Carolina, Megan is a wife and mother of 5 beautiful children.


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