pH Neutralizer - Boric Acid Suppositories - Honey Pot Method

pH Neutralizer - Boric Acid Suppositories

The imbalance of candida (yeast) and subsequent diagnosis of BV (bacterial vaginosis) is one of the most common reproductive concerns our client’s face. While these issues indicate a closer look be taken into gut (intestinal) health, the natural compound of boric acid has also proven effective in providing relief from symptoms of this imbalance. These suppositories made of boric acid, a naturally occurring compound which helps to regulate your pH and annihilate bad bacteria. 



Boric Acid Powder, Vegan Capsules


The combination of our potent ingredients, along with an affirmative mindset, is truly powerful!


Product Description:

1 - Bottle 21 (500mg) capsules, enough for 3, 7 day treatments. 


Pairs Well With


BV Gone

Gentle Foam Intimate Cleanser

Pick (3,6,7,9,12) Mix & Match Bundle Kit


Suggested Usage:


  • Insert one suppository into vagina at bedtime. Use for 7 consecutive days or until symptoms subside. Suppositories can be used as needed if symptoms of imbalance are present.  

Along with external plant medicine, we recommend a closer look be taken into gut (intestinal) health.


It is strongly encouraged to consume at least a half gallon of water daily along with intermittent fasting for no longer than a 6 hour eating window, daily.  Incorporating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies while you holistically heal yourself is also recommended as our optimal health largely determined by our nutritional choices and eating frequency. 




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