Spiritual Life Coaching

Unlike years of therapy (nothing against therapy) we will develop immediate, practical action steps to begin BE-ing who we desire.

Through these profound and transformative sessions, we move from a place of your break-down to the beginning of your breakthrough. Whether it's processing the falling apart a toxic relationship, discovering what practical steps need to be taken to move in the direction of your ideal persona or getting to the root of sabotaging behaviors, We will examine any existing subconscious beliefs and programming. 

Through compassionate inquiry we can begin to adopt new and more empowering and beneficial vantage points that enables us to more closely align with who we want to be, instead of who we have been. 

This service is for the individual who is ready, willing and enthusiastic about learning a completely new way of looking at life. It is for the individual who is tired of their current situation, and is humble enough to be vulnerable and open to what may possibly be a brand new way of existing. 

I would love to assist you in finding realistic approaches to current life's path/situation and provide the insight and thought trajectory that can truly manifest amazing things for you immediately!

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