BV Be Gone Kit - Honey Pot Method
BV Be Gone Kit - Honey Pot Method
BV Be Gone Kit - Honey Pot Method

BV Be Gone Kit

This combination of products is one of our top sellers and is an amazing, holistic treatment of common issues associated with candida imbalance. Whether you experience yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis (BV), this kit harnesses and combines the power of several plant based medicinal oils and compounds.

This kit combines our pH Neutralizer Boric Acid Suppositories, Purify Herbal Steam/Bath blend and our Naturally Clean Intimate Spray. When used together, these products provide relief from  symptoms related to the body’s over overproduction of candida. This common issue among women and can affect confidence, self-esteem and overall energy levels.

It is strongly encouraged to consume at least a half gallon of water daily along with intermittent fasting for no longer than a 6 hour eating window, daily.  Incorporating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies while you holistically heal yourself is also recommended as our optimal health largely determined by our nutritional choices and eating frequency. 

Along with external plant medicine, we recommend a closer look be taken into gut (intestinal) health.

Product Description: 

1 - pH Neutralizer (21 Boric Acid Suppositories - 3 week supply) 

1- Full Sized Package Purify Herbal Blend Bundle (4 uses each) 

1 - Cotton Muslin Bag

 1- 4 oz. Naturally Clean Feminine Spray (30 day supply) 

 *Optional - 1 Add Intimate Gentle Foam Cleanser (Plant Based)  


Ingredients: *All Sourced Ingredients Certified Organic & Kosher*

Purify Blend - Proprietary blend of Calendula, Chaparral, Oregon Graperoot , Pau D'Arco, Rosemary, Uvi Ursi,  & Wormwood

Naturally Clean Intimate Spray - Proprietary blend of Aloe, Sweet Almond Oil, Rose Water, Vitamin E, Wormwood, Frankincense 

pH Neutralizer - Boric Acid Powder, Vegan Capsules


Pairs Well With:

Transform Herbal Steam/Bath Blend

Victorious Herbal Steam/Bath Blend

Pick (3,6,7,9,12) Mix & Match Bundle Kit


Suggested Steaming/Bathing Regimen:

 For Fibroids, Cysts and PCOS:

  • 3-4 times weekly and if possible everyday for chronic womb imbalances. 


For Fertility:

  •   3-4 times per week during the Follicular Phase (After your menstrual cycle ends and up until ovulation)
  • Do NOT steam once you ovulate   

If still experiencing Menstruation:

  •  3-4 times per month during the Luteal Phase (the week leading up to the beginning of menstrual cycle)

If experiencing Perimenopause:

  • 3-4 times per month as needed

If experiencing Menopause:

  • 3-4 times per month as symptoms arise

    Free Resources

    Feel free to use our Free Tool designed to assist you in determining which Herbal Steam/Bath Blend and Regimen would best suit your personal situation and intentions.


    Please see my DIY V Steam Tutorial to guide you in finding the best at home steam method for you.


    **These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.**