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FRUITFUL, PERIOD. - Honey Pot Method


This box has been curated specifically for the individual who is looking to create fruitful results in their life. Whether in the physical manifestation of conceiving a child or a goal, the products in this box are in alignment with treating yourself in a manner that honors your sacred intentions.


Product Description:

1 - Package Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins

1 - Naturally Clean Intimate Spray (2 oz)
1 - Bar Body Soap
1 - Intimate Gentle Foam Cleanser (8 oz)
1 - Ultra Hydrating Body Butter (2 oz)
1 - Package Herbal Drinking Tea
1 - Package Yes God Wellness Abundance Herbal Bath/Steam Blend

1 - Meditation Crystal
1 - Affirmation and Instruction Card

Pairs Well With:

Transform Herbal Steam/Bath Blend

Victorious Herbal Steam/Bath Blend

Pick (3,6,7,9,12) Mix & Match Bundle Kit


Suggested Steaming/Bathing Regimen:


-   3-4 times per week during the Follicular Phase (After your menstrual cycle ends and up until ovulation)

  • Do NOT steam once you ovulate   

Free Resources


Feel free to use our Free Tool designed to assist you in determining which Herbal Steam/Bath Blend and Regimen would best suit your personal situation and intentions.


Please see my DIY V Steam Tutorial to guide you in finding the best at home steam method for you.


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