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Business Consultation - Honey Pot Method


Business Consultation

Often times through our blessings we do not even understand the vibes that are radiating from our energy. On this journey, I have found both a desire to help myself and secure a firm foundation in something I love while also finding a way to nurture and help others love themselves while simultaneously respecting the time, work and effort that I have put in to building my business from scratch. In this business consultation, I will provide answers based on my experience and growth of my business by 400% increase in sales in 8 months time and the highs and lows, frustration and woes that have made up my journey. Only a year into this journey, I am humbled, grateful and at peace. I count each challenge JOY and I have found that the challenges are proportionate to growth which is also proportionate to my success. In spite of and maybe BECAUSE of the challenges, each day is better than the last. YES GOD! 

*All consultations are approximately one hour and are done electronically, A private link will be provided to the client following the session for unlimited access